B i o g r a p h y

    I was born and raised down in Southeast Missouri in the small town of Kennett. I worked in cotton fields until I was old enough to join the military service. I spent three years in the US Army, where I spent 14 months in Korea and the remainder of my service time in Camp Walters at Mineral Wells Texas where I was tasked with attaching nuclear warheads on Hercules Missiles. For that I had to have a Top Secret Clearence.


    I had just finished my 6-year obligation to the military when the Vietnam War broke out.  In 1962, I migrated to Pekin, Illinois where I worked several jobs. I worked at a grocery store where I met my wife, Judie, a gas station, construction, and the Railroad (Rock Island Lines). Then I went on with the Boilermakers as a welder. 

   In 1974, I was sworn in as a commissioned policeman on the Pekin Police Department as a patrolman where I was assigned badge # 114. In 1977, I was assigned to the detective division where I served until 1980 when I was promoted to Sergeant with badge #204 and reassigned to patrol. I then retired on August 30, 1994 

    In October 1988, my brother and I opened a private detective agency and operated it for 15 years employing 22 assistants. After 15 years, we sold the business and I began my writing career. 

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