First Lady Abducted!

A Novel

​By Jim Conover


At the height of the Cuban Missile crisis, a plot by Mexican rebels to get the U.S. involved in their cause against the Mexican Government, results in the kidnapping of America's First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy. The rebels have hired a well known bandito, Ramon Valdez, to pull off the kidnapping which he does in Washington DC in a murderous attack on the First Lady's entourage.


Mexico's president, Adolfo Lopes Mateos, has warned President Kennedy that if he sends even one man across the boarder into his country he will declare war on the United States. This will cause Cube and Russia to join his ranks.


Trying to avoid an invasion of Mexico during such troubled times, President John F. Kennedy sends a covert, hand picked team of four retired Special-Forces men to slip across the boarder, rescue her, eliminate her captors and get back across the boarder before he declarers war against Mexico. The same team of Special Forces men had been sent into the jungles of Central America during the 1950 in teams of four, to infiltrate the villages, locate communist terrorist panning attacks on the United States and eliminate them.

President Kennedy gives the four men, Jacob "Jake" Murdock, Tymon "Ty" Redman, Deuce Callaway and Joe Bob McNew, only eight days to complete their mission and get back across the boarder. The only assistance they get from the government is money. No communications, no weapons, nothing but their own wits and money.

Jacob Murdock, all the while feeling he is too old to command such a mission changes his mind after meeting Margarita Alverez, one of the leaders of the rebels operating in Mexico City, who disapproved of the kidnapping to start and agrees to assist them in locating the First Lady. A spark ignites between Margarita and Jacob and suddenly he's feeling much younger.

Their mission is hampered when the team learns the kidnapper, Valdez, is an old friend they had worked with some years earlier in Central America and who had once saved Ty Redman's life. They also learn that the kidnapper has decided to sell the Frist Lady to the Cubans and Russians, just as President Kennedy sets up the Russian blockage and demands they turn back their ships.

Hard Cover


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