First Lady Abducted!

Based On An Unpublished Manuscript

​By Jim Conover


At the height of the Cuban Missile crisis, an unrelated plot by Mexican rebels to get the U.S. involved in their cause against the Mexican Government, resulted in the kidnapping of the wife of the President of the United State, America's First Lady. A secret, hand picked team of retired SPECIAL-FORCES men is enlisted to slip across the border, rescue her and eliminate her captors. They have eight days before the President declares sanctions and possibly war against Mexico. Their mission is hampered by the fact that the team commander, Colonel Jacob Murdock believes he is too old to successfully complete the mission. Another kink is thrown in the mix when the team learns the kidnapper is an old friend they had worked with some years earlier in Central America and who had saved one of their lives. They also learn that the kidnapper has decided to sell the First Lady to the Cubans and Russians, just as President Kennedy sets up the Russian blockade in the Atlantic and demands they turn back their ships.


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