Bass Reeves: Deputy US Marshal

Bass Reeves, the first black Deputy US Marshal, a flashy dresser and  fast with his twin six shooters as well as his sawed off shotgun,  rode throughout the Wild Indian Territory for 32 years arresting over 3000 men including his own son for murder and killing 14 outlaws and wounding many more who refused to surrounder.


Based on the real life of Baz “Bass” Reeves



 In May of 1875, Judge Isaac C. Parker residing over 75,000 square miles of Indian territory known today as Oklahoma, commissioned the first black man ever as a deputy US marshal. The man was Baz ″Bass″ Reeves who served for 32 years during which time he arrested over 3000 men and killed 14. He was never wounded himself, though he had buttons of his coat shot off, the reins in his hands shot through and at one time got his hat brim shot off.


During his law enforcement career, Reeves stood 6'2" and weighed 180 pounds. He could shoot a pistol or rifle accurately with his right or left hand; settlers said Reeves could whip any two men with his bare hands. Reeves became a legend during his lifetime for his ability to catch criminals under trying circumstances. He brought fugitives by the dozen into the Fort Smith federal jail. Reeves said the largest number of outlaws he ever caught at one time was nineteen horse thieves he captured near Fort Sill, Oklahoma. His reputation as a marshal who always gets his man grew over the years. Even the noted female outlaw Bell Star turned herself in at Fort Smith when she found out Reeves had the warrant for her arrest.


In 1902, Bass Reeves had to ride out into Indian Territory and arrest his own son who had murdered his wife and fled. No other US deputies would take the warrant. They weren't afraid of the son, it was what Bass might so if his son resisted them that they were concerned with.


Bass retired from the Marshal's service on 1907 whern Oklahoma became a state.



He died in 1910.

Sand Prairie - aka - The Showdown

The screenplay for the above movie, The Showdown, was originally titled Sand Prairie.  I wrote the screenplay and sold the rights of it to Sand Prairie Productions LLC, in 2005.  The title was changed to The Showdown when distribution was obtained. The Showdown is now being distributed all over the World.


Set in 1876 Texas
Marshal Luke Canfield falls for Dixie Johnson, dancer in the Texas town of Sand Prairie. Another man, Asa Brown, has his eyes on Dixie. Marshal Canfield finds himself in a desperate pursuit after Asa Brown and his gang when they burn his home and kidnap Dixie and 2 young boys.

Bob Handegan
Ann Hagemann

William Homel    Bob Krouse
Justin Fletcher     Jace Fletcher
Tim Hopper

Lynch Law
Based on the book  ″Lynch Law″
By Jim Conover and James Brecher.
Published by Lynch Law Productions
In 1869, Tazewell County, Illinois, located along the East side of the Illinois River, was on the very edge of the western frontier. Law and order had been established, but the citizens were terrorized by a gang of horse thieves led by four brothers. They commit horse rustlings, burglary, robbery, assaults and even murder until finally it culminated when they ambushed a posse and murdered a deputy sheriff, brother to the local sheriff. Angry citizens mete out their own justice. Lynch Law tells in narrative form, an accurate account of the incidents leading up to, during, and after enraged citizens attacked the jail and lynched one of the gang before being stopped by a tough city marshal. A great piece of America's frontier history.
A documentary in great narrative form, this book is a well told and exciting true tale of America's western frontier history that I believe warrants a place in America's written history as much as do the James gang, the Daltons, Billy the Kid or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It is a great example of true frontier justice meted out by citizens when they have reached a boiling point with outlaws. Lynch Law takes you back to that time and lets you witness the true story behind the lynching as it unfolds. If you are a lover of the cowboys of our past and true western books, you'll want to grab this book as soon as possible.
First Lady Abducted!
Based On An Unpublished Manuscript
By Jim Conover
At the height of the Cuban Missile crisis, an unrelated plot by Mexican rebels to get the U.S. involved in their cause against the Mexican Government, resulted in the kidnapping of the wife of the President of the United State, America's First Lady. A secret, hand picked team of retired SPECIAL-FORCES men is enlisted to slip across the border, rescue her and eliminate her captors. They have eight days before the President declares sanctions and possibly war against Mexico. Their mission is hampered by the fact that the team commander, Colonel Jacob Murdock believes he is too old to successfully complete the mission. Another kink is thrown in the mix when the team learns the kidnapper is an old friend they had worked with some years earlier in Central America and who had saved one of their lives. They also learn that the kidnapper has decided to sell the First Lady to the Cubans and Russians, just as President Kennedy sets up the Russian blockade in the Atlantic and demands they turn back their ships.
Greenhorns And Killer Mountains
Based On The Book Greenhorns And Killer Mountains


By Jim Conover


Published By Lynch Law Productions


Clay Morgan and friends, raised in Los Angeles, plan an adventure by searching for the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine in the deadliest area of the United States - the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. Anything that can happen,does happen with deadly encounters with nature, the terrain, wild animals, and even man. Their adventure quickly becomes a struggle for survival.
When wealthy rancher Paul Rockford discovers them near his marijuana farm high in the mountains, he sets out to scare them back to the city. When they don't scare, he decides to kill them. They manage to get to the sheriff, only to discover he is in cahoots with Rockford.
Watching from the sideline is one tough and deadly lady, Big Alice Hatfield, saloon/brothel owner at the base of the mountains, who is determined to have the Lost Dutchman for herself. 
Their adventure quickly becomes a struggle for survival.
   A great action/adventure fiction, this screenplay is based on the book by the same title that follows five men hunting for gold who learn that life in the wilderness is nothing at all like life in the city of Los Angeles where they were born and raised. On this adventure, readers will see them evolve from the scared greenhorns they were into tough confident men. I believe Greenhorns and Killer Mountains will lead you on a similar adventure through those deadly mountains while in the coolness and safety of your home.
Major Pauline

An original Screenplay

By Jim Conover
MAJOR PAULINE is based on real life and times of actress Pauline Cushman who, during the Civil War is doing a show in Lewisville, Kentucky when Secret Agent William Truesdail approaches her to become a spy. She agrees. During her next act she drinks a toast to the Confederacy, causing a riot in theater. She’s ran out of town.
She heads for Shelbyville Tennessee. Meets Confederate Captain Richard Blackman who makes her his male aid-de-camp, even getting her a confederate uniform to wear as she accompanies him to military camps gathering military intelligence.
Later caught by confederate soldiers, she meets Colonel John Morgan who takes a fancy to her. After a night of wining, dining and intimacy he lets her go.
Caught again with military documents, she’s sentenced to hang by General Braxton Bragg. Dying of pneumonia in her cell, Colonel John Morgan intervenes. She’s removed to a house and treated by doctor. Still weak and back in her cell, Pauline manages to get a letter containing instructions of what to do with her body after the hanging to her sister (actually William Truesdail). General Rosecrans reads letter, orders invasion of Tennessee. General Braggs withdraws from Shelbyville three days before the execution. Captain Morgan orders Pauline left behind. She’s given honorary rank of Major.
Back on stage she develops her own show and tours the wild west. In Abilene, Kansas, she nearly dies in theater fire, but is rescued by badly burned Jere Fryer, 15 years her junior. She nurses him back to heath, they marry and buy a ranch in Casa Grande Arizona, They’re happy. She becomes first female sheriff in history.
Her marriage falls in jeopardy when she gets reputation as tough sheriff, confronting muleskinners, standing in middle of gunfights, thumping drunken ranch hands shooting up saloons and drives Jere to have affair with owner of Red Garter Saloon, Dolly Duval, 30’s. Pauline gives her badge to her husband. As sheriff he continues his affair. Pauline and Dolly have a fight along main street. Beaten badly Pauline takes to bed refusing to get up for weeks. Jere runs to Dolly. Pauline uses trickery, pretending she was in bed because she’s pregnant. Sends Jere to Texas to buy herd of white-face Herefords to bred with longhorns. While he’s gone, she buys newborn baby Emma from saloon girl in another city. Jere’s happy. Emma gets sick, At age 7 she dies. Dolly finds baby’s real mother and confront Jere and Pauline. Pauline admits truth. Jere leaves.
Pauline goes back to stage. Can’t make it. Later she dies cleaning house for room and board. Pauline is buried a hero by the Grand Army Of The Republic in Oakdale Cemetery in San Francisco.





                 BLOOD BOUNTY


                                    JIM CONOVER


U.S. Marshal Wyatt Earp whose wife to be was killed in Tombstone, Arizona by a bullet meant for him has given up after years of searching for her killer and settled in the wilds of the New Mexico Territory. There, without warning, he becomes the target of a gang of desperados who try to kill him. Earp has no idea who they are or why they want to kill him. After a gun fight, in which Earp and one of the desperados, a man named Swinney, are wounded. The desperados, lead by Liege Jorgans, back off and try to find a doctor. Instead they find Keith and Sara Duncan’s ranch house which they invade, rough up Keith Duncan and Sara and hold them prisoners until Swinney is batched up. During the commotion, Sara’s eleven year old daughter, Ella Mae, takes the baby and runs out the door.

Down in Abilene, Texas at the Silver Spur Saloon, owner Ike Clanton is talking with three of his cronies, McGuire, Wade and Phillips. He convinces them to ride to New Mexico and help Jorgans kill Earp and they can share the five thousand dollar bounty he has placed on Murdock.
Phillips says something that riles Clanton and he shoots Phillips. McGuire and Wade head for New Mexico.

Ella Mae struggles through the night, carrying the baby and stumbles upon Wyatt Earp’s cabin at dawn. He spots the girl and runs to her aid. Learning about the gang of desperados, he secures Ella Mae and the baby in his cabin and rides to help the Duncan. With Sara Duncan’s help he subdues Jorgans and a man named Tharp. Swinney is no threat to them he’s too badly wounded. Keith Duncan gets the honor of riding them down to Spanish Grove and turning them over to Sheriff Bill Crawford.

When McGuire and Wade arrive in Spanish Grove, they break Jorgans, Swinney, who has recovered, and Tharp out of jail, killing a deputy in the process. Now the five of them ride out to kill Earp. But Jorgans has plans to kill Keith Duncan for taking them to jail. He manages to get a shot off before riding after the others as they head for Earp’s cabin.

Wyatt  Earp is hunting when the five men come upon him at the edge of a cliff. They open fire and Earp is hit falling over the cliff.  He struggles to get to his feet and manages to stagger off a ways before passing out. He is found by Indian friends and they take him to the Duncan ranch.

There Earp wakes up and learns that Keith Duncan has been killed. Now the situation turns as the hunters become the hunted and one by one they become Earp’s targets. And from one by one he tries to learn why they are trying to kill him. Finally he nails the last one, Jorgans. After learning that Clanton has placed a blood bounty on him for killing his kin back in Tombstone and that Clanton is the drygulcher who shot his wife to be, Wyatt Earp heads to Abilene, Texas to avenge her death.





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