Jim Conover

Author / Film Maker

"In every person there lies a book that can be enjoyed by others only by escaping through the lips or finger tips."

                                      Jim Conover - 2000

Welcome to My World!   Glad you stopped by!   Hope you enjoy the visit!

As you meander through My World, you might take a peek at my Biography page that tells you a little something about my upbringing. Might even get to read something on my Blog page. Then there's my Movie page you might like seeing the movies, trailers and promotional films I've been involved in writing, producing and directing. As you travel the roads through My World, you might stop off at my Book page where you can have a look see at four of the books I have written, designed and published through my publishing company, Lynch Law Productions. These books are available for purchase.  Don't skip my Scripts page! That's where I keep all the screenplays I have written. Many have won Awards at Film Festivals and several are right now up for Option or purchase. If you would like to shoot a short note off to me, zip on back to my Contact page and write one. So please enjoy your tour and come back often.


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