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Deadly Treasures is the third installment of the Deuce Ryker Mystery Series Trilogy.

Deuce finds kidnapping, murder, and torture while attempting to solve a case involving a missing husband.

Sunken ships, treasure, and plenty of adventure. You're sure to be entertained with Jim's latest release - Deadly Treasures.

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I couldn't put the book down. Read 300 pages and had to go to bed. The next morning I grabbed the book and finished the last 71 pages.

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I read it all the way through in less than two days! Really good book!

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I just finished it. It's a really great story. You can imagine it happening.

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I have watched twice now a very good show on Amazon Prime called Freight Train: Slayer of Innocent,  Jim Conover,  I  loved it.  Amazing job.


Jim has unmistakable combination of passion and wisdom in work.


My life is a journey, such as my work. Through my stories, you'll be taken on a journey of your own. Learn more about my life and my source of inspiration here.

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