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  When assistant Illinois Attorney General Ray Pruitt and his wife are found tortured and murdered, Melissa Manigoni, Illinois Attorney General, places a call to Deuce Ryker, her friend and a top notch private detective, to give her a third eye on the scene.

      Deuce Ryker finds the scene to be as terrible a torture murder scene as he had ever seen even during his many years on the Chicago Police Department. Ryker soon learned through information given him by an old acquaintance that a contract has been put out to kidnap Melissa Manigoni.

      With the help of his Chicago police department friend, Bob Roland, they derive a plan to protect Manigoni from whoever put out the contract but their plan goes terribly wrong and leaves Ryker in a desperate search for the Illinois Attorney General

Hard Cover Novel

284 Pages



When a Cook County judge dies of a flu-like virus, Private Detective Deuce Ryker is called in by his widow to investigate. Ryker, an ex-Chicago cop, soon learns that not one but three judges have died of the same virus. Teaming up with his old Chicago police partner, Bob Roland and Illinois State Attorney General Melissa Manigoni, Ryker finds himself caught in the midst of the deadly struggle of a New York mob family's bid to take over operations in Chicago.


​​​​​​​​Hard Cover

284 Pages



Clay Morgan and friends, raised in Los Angeles, plan an adventure by searching for the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine in the deadliest area of the United States - the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. Anything that can happen,does happen with deadly encounters with nature, the terrain, wild animals, and even man. Their adventure quickly becomes a struggle for survival.

   A great action/adventure fiction that follows five men hunting for gold who learn that life in the wilderness is nothing at all like life in the city of Los Angeles where they were born and raised. On this adventure, readers will see them evolve from the scared greenhorns they were into tough confident men. I believe Greenhorns and Killer Mountains will lead you on a similar adventure through those deadly mountains while in the coolness and safety of your home.

Trade Paperback
429 Pages


In 1869, Tazewell County, Illinois, located along the East side of the Illinois River, was on the very edge of the western frontier. Law and order had been established, but the citizens were terrorized by a gang of horse thieves led by four brothers. They commit horse rustlings, burglary, robbery, assaults and even murder until finally it culminated when they ambushed a posse and murdered a deputy sheriff, brother to the local sheriff. Angry citizens mete out their own justice. 


    A documentary in great narrative form, this book is a well told and exciting true tale of America's western frontier history. It is a great example of true frontier justice meted out by citizens when they have reached a boiling point with outlaws. Lynch Law takes you back to that time and lets you witness the true story behind the lynching as it unfolds. If you are a lover of the cowboys of our past and true western books, you'll want to grab this book as soon as possible.

Trade Paperback
305 Pages

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