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First Lady Abducted

It's 1962, during the term of President John F. Kennedy. Do you remember? The public is told the President is suffering from an upper respiratory infection. However, the truth is later obtained via the Freedom of Information Act that the president was actually called back due to an escalation in the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Our presidents are known, their words noted and their legacies become an endless source of inspiration. However, there are moments of a presidency that are intentionally hidden from the public's view. In this situation, the public was disclosed some of the facts. What about the rest...?

Multi-award winning screenplay writer, author, director and publisher - Jim Conover - pens a perfect combination of fiction and reality in First Lady Abducted by using all facets of his past experiences. Prior to his career in writing, Jim served in the U.S. Army, had a 20 year career on the Police department and capped it off with 15 years spent as a private detective. Jim's work is a combination of real life events combined with deep imagination that blurs all lines of reality and fiction.




First Lady Abducted Description: Text
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I couldn't put the book down. Read 300 pages and had to go to bed. The next morning I grabbed the book and finished the last 71 pages.

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I read it all the way through in less than two days! Really good book!

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I just finished it. It's a really great story. You can imagine it happening.

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