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Greenhorns And Killer Mountains

A Novel

Clay Morgan and friends, raised in Los Angeles, plan an adventure by searching for the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine in the deadliest area of the United States - the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. Anything that can happen,does happen with deadly encounters with nature, the terrain, wild animals, and even man. Their adventure quickly becomes a struggle for survival.

When wealthy rancher Paul Rockford discovers them near his marijuana farm high in the mountains, he sets out to scare them back to the city. When they don't scare, he decides to kill them. They manage to get to the sheriff, only to discover he is in cahoots with Rockford.

Watching from the sideline is one tough and deadly lady, Big Alice Hatfield, saloon/brothel owner at the base of the mountains, who is determined to have the Lost Dutchman for herself. Their adventure quickly becomes a struggle for survival.

   A great action/adventure fiction, this screenplay is based on the book by the same title that follows five men hunting for gold who learn that life in the wilderness is nothing at all like life in the city of Los Angeles where they were born and raised. On this adventure, readers will see them evolve from the scared greenhorns they were into tough confident men. I believe Greenhorns and Killer Mountains will lead you on a similar adventure through those deadly mountains while in the coolness and safety of your home.

Trade Paperback
429 Pages

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