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Sand Prairie AKA The Showdown

The screenplay for the above movie, The Showdown, was originally titled Sand Prairie.  I wrote the screenplay and sold the rights of it to Sand Prairie Productions LLC, in 2005.  I went on to produce and direct the film. The title was changed to The Showdown when distribution was obtained. The Showdown is now being distributed all over the World.


Set in 1876 Texas
Marshal Luke Canfield falls for Dixie Johnson, dancer in the Texas town of Sand Prairie. Another man, Asa Brown, has his eyes on Dixie. Marshal Canfield finds himself in a desperate pursuit after Asa Brown and his gang when they burn his home and kidnap Dixie and 2 young boys.

Bob Handegan
Ann Hagemann

William Homel    Bob Krouse
Justin Fletcher     Jace Fletcher
Tim Hopper        Curtis Maneno

Sand Prairie Description: Text
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