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Deuce Ryker

Tonight I thought I'd let you read the first two paragraphs of my latest published book, Blood Diamonds:


The bedroom was illuminated by only the dim rays of a street light spilling through the window. I lay in bed propped up on a couple of pillows, half my naked body covered by the sheet, sipping Jack Daniels Black on the rocks as I listened to the shower running in the bathroom. I could see my Brooks Brother’s pinstriped suit coat and pants tossed askew on the floor. My shoulder holster rig with the Smith & Wesson forty-five semi-auto pistol hung on a chair near the bed. It was obvious that someone was in a hurry to get undressed. I chuckled as I thought about the past hour or so. When I heard the shower stop, I took another sip of the Jack Daniels, put the glass on the bedside table and settled back, eagerly awaiting her appearance.

The bathroom door opened and there she stood, the light reflecting off her honey colored skin as she ruffled a towel through her hair trying to get it dry. Even after she had showered I could smell the intoxicating, arousing scent of her perfume drifting over the bed. Beautiful Melissa Manigoni, petite and feisty, with the perfect body, stood nude before me shaking out her long, auburn hair. She truly looked like a goddess, a sex goddess. I slid over a bit, tossed back the sheet and motioned for her to join me.


I do hope that stirred your blood a bit. Just click on books and you can purchase Blood Diamonds and read all the rest of this wild Deuce Ryker adventure.

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