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Well, today I broke out of jail. That is to say I escaped from the Illinois Governor's "Stay Home" order. Yes, I went to Krogers. Judie had placed an order for some supplies last Sunday and today, Thursday, between 7 - 8 pm, we were allowed to pick them up. I drove like mad so as to not let any viruses settle on my car. With our windows rolled up and the air vent set on interior air only, Judie and I raced to Krogers where an employee dash from a door in the rear of the store and tossed our order in the back of my vehicle. We stayed clear of her. Then we roared over to the bank drive up where I grabbed some money? Well you never know when someone might come knocking at the door wanting to sell some toilet paper or something. After the bank we sped over to the post officer drop box so Judie could mail out a card to a friend out in Washington. All done with out getting out of our car. We raced home, unloaded the groceries, slammed the garage door shut and dashed inside. Now I know what a caveman must have felt like when he rushed out to kill a Wooley Mammoth, cut it up with rocks and drag it back to his cave before the saber tooth tiger could get him. Hell, I'm still out of breath!

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