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Good Friday

It is the 10th of April; good Friday and it's rather cold out side. Will be below freezing for the next 4-5 days. Glad I didn't put my banana trees out Monday when I started to. They are still as warm as toast in my basement. So are my cannas. Maybe next week.

After being cooped up at home since the 15th day of March, I had to drive to Peoria for a Dr's appt. He said I was very healthy for my age. Whatever that means. So I guess I'll make it a little while longer.

Got a new cap yesterday. Came in the mail. Thought I would let you see it. Especially brother Rob, who loves caps.

What can I say? The Doctor yesterday didn't mention anything about handsome, good looking, attractive or any of those words, for my age. Just; "you're very healthy for your age"

See you next time, my friends.

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