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I'd like to wish everybody out there a very Happy New Year. I know that 2020 was an extremely bad year for most of us. We can only hope right now that 2021 will be better. Not only has the Covid-19 virus confined us to our homes, many of our good people have suffered through the disease after contracting it. Many have not survived. AND with all the news media contradicting each other we can't rely on on them to keep us informed accurately, so we have to rely on our own common sense. Using the common sense we were taught growing up, maybe we'll survive and this virus will disappear by summer. I have walked the floor of my home like a caged tiger for nearly 12 months now, venturing out only to doctor's appointments and picking up a few groceries now and then. I have tried to keep busy by writing or preparing one of my book manuscripts for publication. Got one at the printer now. . . "First Lady Abducted". It should be out in 3-5 weeks, maybe sooner. My wife, Judie has cleaned and straightened up every shelf, cupboard, cabinet and storage area in the house, when she isn't online attending church services or doing the accounting for my self-publishing company. I know it has been a while since I have been on my blog, but that is going to change. So hang in there, come back often and use common sense to beat this Covid-19.

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