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Rain, Rain, Rain And Now Storms Acomin'

It has rained for days now and tonight I hear on the local news that we can expect some severe thunder storms with large hail later tonight and even worse storms come tomorrow, maybe even a few tornadoes. Mother nature waking up for the coming summer months, I reckon. I have had s few phone calls today from friends wanting to talk, a couple visits that took place in the garage, but then it was back to the computer editing my next book, Deadly Treasures, a third Deuce Ryker Mystery. How many times today did I catch myself just reading what I had written and forgetting to do any editing. I would get caught up in the story. It was pretty darn good even if I have to say so myself. Action from the first page all the way to where I am editing. Everything you would want in a private detective case with lots of turns and twists. I even wondered where all that prose had come from. Fortunately, there were very few edits to be made as Judie (bless her intelligent soul) had proofed it right after I had written the first draft, two maybe three years ago. So with house arrest and all the rain and the storms coming, I should have it at least edited in a few more days. Then it's just a matter of waiting until the coffer has enough in it to pay for the printing and binding.

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