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Searching for a Clue II

I am not surprised that a lot of people jumped on face Book to discuss this case. From people who grew up with Richard Griener to folks who had a tidbit of information after all these years. That tidbit is adding up. Maybe soon we will have enough little tidbits to put together a big tidbit and something we can work with. WE need more! Come on. Folks! Let's get out there and find the whereabouts of this young boy. Is he still alive, living in a different state or is he dead? Let's find where he is and then we'll worry about finding his killer/killers. They may be dead by now, but we can at least know that we have finally laid to rest a young boy who only wanted to go sledding and have helped bring closure to his family and disclosed who the killer/killers are/were. Below if a map of the area where Richard disappeared. The gray roof houses on the left are in the Pekin Housing. That's Broadway Street running bottom to top. There is the railroad and to the right are the 4-H barns. Upper right is the sledding hill at Pekin High School The intersection and cross road is Parkway.

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