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When assistant Illinois Attorney General Ray Pruitt and his wife are found tortured and murdered in Elmwood Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, Melissa Manigoni, Illinois Attorney General, places a call to Deuce Ryker, her friend and a top notch private detective, to give her a third eye on the scene.

      Deuce Ryker finds the scene to be as terrible a torture murder scene as he had ever seen even during his many years on the Chicago Police Department. The sheer number of stab wounds, slashes and deep cuts on both victims told Ryker the killers had enjoyed the torturing over a long period of time. Ryker soon learned through information given him by an old acquaintance that a contract has been put out to kidnap Melissa Manigoni.

      With the help of his Chicago police department friend, Bob Roland, they derive a plan to protect Manigoni from whoever put out the contract but their plan goes terribly wrong and leaves Ryker in a desperate search for the Illinois Attorney General.

Blood Diamonds

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